My Biggest Trick to Saving More Money

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There are so many money “gurus” out there giving you advice to save more and spend less.

Clipping coupons, shopping at discount stores, automating your savings, and sticking to a strict budget are a few that come to mind.

But despite all of these things, I found that there was something missing in my quest to save more.

Something unconventional; something that no one is talking about.

So what’s my biggest trick to saving more money?

Not giving a $hit about what other people think.

Wait, what?

Yep, you read that right. By not giving a $hit about what other people (or society!) think, you can save yourself a whole ton of money.

Think about it…

How many spending decisions do you make based on what other people (or society!) have have made you feel is cool? Trendy? Necessary?

(Isn’t that what the advertising business is all about?)

Getting your hair/nails done, buying new outfits, upgrading your home, saying “yes” to that dinner invite.

All of these things cost money.

And all of these are usually impacted by how we want others to view us.

A few weeks ago my husband and I were headed to a wedding. Usually for weddings I get my nails done and was about to do the same for this one.

But then I started questioning why I wanted to get my nails done. It wasn’t because I truly wanted to. It was because I was embarrassed of what other people would think if my hands weren’t nicely polished. (insert face palm emoji here)

Isn’t that dumb?

Dumb? Yes.

Uncommon? No.

(btw I skipped the manicure and decided to not give a $hit)

Lots of us are walking around buying into a certain ideal that we feel we need to be living up to (hello keeping up with the Joneses), and it’s costing us.

Always having the newest gadgets, clothing, shoes, homes, cars, whatever (the list is seriously endless!) is darn right expensive.

So the next time you’re about to purchase a product or service, ask yourself these questions:

1) Am I doing this for me or am I doing this because I care about what other people think of me?

2) If I truly am doing this for me, is it for a version of myself that I feel I have to be because of society/others?

3) Is whatever I am buying just a facade?

4) Is this purchase going to make me happier in the long run?

Once you start using this tactic, you’ll find that you aren’t buying as much and thus, are saving more. You will begin to care less about who you’re supposed to be accordingly to others/society, and more about your long term goals (which may include being financially free, retiring early, or buying your first investment property)

Tell me in the comments: Does this make sense? What have you purchased recently because you felt you had to live up to other’s/society’s standards? How will you use this tactic in the future?

Until next time…

Happy saving!

Katie O.