4 Things I Learned from Using a Wardrobe App

Have you ever taken a look at your wardrobe? I mean like, really taken a look? I apparently had not, at least until about a week ago. Trying to be more conscious of what/how much/where I buy from, I decided to check out a wardrobe app. I already knew I had too many clothes (and that I have a hard time parting with old items!), but I figured it couldn't hurt to get a little more organized. I am trying to simplify my life, after all! 

Thus the experiment began. I downloaded the MyDressing app and began to snap some pictures. I started with all the clothes that were piled in a heap on the bedroom floor (yep that's me!) and then moved on to the clean laundry that I had yet to put away (yep that's me too!). Over the course of a few hours I had photographed, organized items into categories, and put together outfits (yes I have an outfit that I named hipster casual, no I have no idea what 'hipster' actually is). 

My Dressing App

Here are the top 4 things I learned:

1) I have way too many clothes, and you likely do too. It will become apparent when you take pictures of every. single. item. I only made it through approximately 1/3 of what I actually own, and I already logged 7 accessories (mostly belts), 19 dresses, 8 jackets and coats (not fall/winter coats, mind you), 8 pieces of jewelry, 2 pairs of tights, 13 pairs of pants, 13 pairs of shoes, 3 skirts, 19 sweaters, and 16 tops. Yikes!

2) Why oh why did I have to buy that random skirt, shirt, scarf (insert basically any item here)? There are things I own that I've maybe worn once, mainly because they don't go with anything else! The latest trend, latest sale. Guilty. 

3) The majority of my clothing was made in developing nations at factories where women and men (and likely children) were paid unfairly (probably less than $1/day) and treated inhumanely (no breaks, long hours, physical/mental/emotional abuse, etc.). Sigh.

4) There is no purpose to owning four different black undershirts. Or 6 different styles of black t-shirts that all really look the same.

There are definitely some changes to be made, including buying clothing made from sustainable and fairly-made companies, having a purpose for shopping trips, and identifying wants vs. needs. Meanwhile, I'll keep using this app, and trying to figure out which black shirt to wear.