Hi, I'm Katie Oelker!
Money + Mindset Coach for women entrepreneurs looking to overcome their money fears and truly understand their finances so they can have financial freedom and abundance, starting TODAY.

Money is not the enemy.

Growing up we were taught that money does not buy happiness. That rich people are wasteful, arrogant, and greedy. That more money = more problems. 

However, struggling to pay your rent does not make you more 'spiritual'. 

The reality is, when we aren't worried about where our next meal is coming from, we're better able to serve others in our fullest potential. Free from the anxiety, depression and frustration that having money issues causes us.

The more money we have means the more money we can use to help others.

Think of how big your impact would be if you had more money to do it with. Now that's what I'm talking about.


Nod 'yes' if:

  • Whenever you think about money, you get an icky feeling inside your stomach?
  • You teeter totter between wanting more money and convincing yourself that you don't need more?
  • You want to live a simple life filled with joy and love in which you help others do the same?
  • You are a self-proclaimed 'not-a-numbers' kind of person?
  • You hate details, spreadsheets, tracking, and everything else that goes along with managing your money?
  • You know you need help getting your finances in order, but aren't sure where to start?

OK, I've nodded at least a few times . Now what?