When More Money DOES NOT Equal More Happiness

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Let’s be honest, in today’s society we are all seeking more abundance, bigger bank accounts and more freedom. Am I right?

But here’s the catch: at what expense are we striving for these things?

Although we took nice vacations growing up, had a nice home and basically could afford whatever it was we wanted we were definitely not what I would have considered super “rich”. (Compared to the rest of the world’s population though, most every American is “rich”)

That being said, in my adult years and having met and worked with people of all levels of wealth, I’ve come to this realization: rich people are just people with more money.

Rich people are not immune to any of the heartbreaks and heartaches that people without as much money experience.

My mom is an amazing seamstress and has some very wealthy (read: multi-millionaire) clients whom have become dear friends. She also has some friends who live in very wealthy areas (again, we are talking millionaires).

Some of these people have committed suicide. Some have gotten divorced. Some never had children and regret the choice now that they are in their 50s and 60s. One wealthy couple she knew even became a suicide-homicide case because the woman had filed for divorce (or so they concluded).

I'm not telling you these things to paint a gruesome picture of wealth or to mess with your money mindset.

It's not money’s fault that these people were unhappy and I do NOT believe that more money equals more problems.

BUT more money does not protect wealthy people from problems. It does not sugarcoat life against depression, anxiety, anger, stress, fear, regret or other undesirable emotions.

Money can't do that.

Mark Cuban on an episode of Sharktank once said something along the lines of “if you were miserable before you won the lottery, you will still end up miserable afterwards”

It’s true. The majority of lottery winners end of getting divorced or ending up right back where they were financially (or worse!) You even hear stories of professional athletes or actors/actresses who had to file bankruptcy.

So do you stop pursuing your dream of making lots of money and becoming “rich" one day? Of course not. 

So what to do instead?

1) Continue to pursue your dreams and big wealth (or little wealth - whatever you are after!) but take care of yourself and your loved ones along the way. 

2) Know that more money is not always the answer. It won't fix you. It won't fix your relationships. It won't bring you more happiness and joy if you don’t already have that

3) View money as neutral. Of course it can add joy, flexibility, choices, and freedom but money itself is just paper (or plastic or metal!) and is neutral. Money used for good is good. Money used for bad is bad. Take money off a pedestal before it clouds your judgement and taints your happiness.

4) Make sure the money you spend is in alignment with your values, priorities, and goals. A lot of times it has less to do with how much money you make, and more to do with how you use your money. If you are stuck buying material goods instead of experiences or blowing money on things that aren’t adding to your happiness, it’s time to re-evaluate.

Does this make sense? If so, let me know in the comments below. I know this post was a bit of a darker subject but it is one that I felt needed some attention. 

Until next time…

Katie O.