90 minutes to more money love

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Do you find yourself eating unnecessarily when you’re sad, stressed or bored? When you’ve had a bad day or feel that need to treat yourself, do you instinctively turn to food? No amount of workout or nutritions plans will work if you continue to put food on a pedestal and self-sabotage your efforts.

This program is for you if you are ready to uncover why you are using food the way you do and how to change so you can be finally feel truly at peace with food and yourself.

We will uncover the reasons behind these self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors and rewrite your story for peace and love.

  • Dive deep into your current money situation, and figure out how to start improving it RIGHT NOW

  • Discover simple action-items that you can implement IMMEDIATELY to get your finances organized

  • Uncover beliefs and self-talk that hold you back from making the money you really want, and what to do to change them INSTANTLY

  • Realize your one big 'WHY' and how to let this drive the rest of your financial decisions

  • Get MORE out of your money, without making huge sacrifices or creating more stress

Then this is for you!

You'll also get:

  • a one-month later 30 minute follow-up call

  • email with my notes, main points, and takeaways from the call

  • one month of Voxer and email support from Katie for any questions or additional support needed after the call

How it works:

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  • Once booked and paid for, you will receive a follow-up email with more info and the zoom link for the call itself

  • The magic begins! :)


1.5 hours of personalized coaching +

30 minute follow-up/accountability call +

an email with my notes/takeaways/main points from the call + 

one month of email/Voxer access

all for only 

$333 (in full)


Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of these calls (and the amount of time + effort!), I am unable to offer refunds. However, if you are unsatisfied with the call for any reason, I will offer a free 30-minute session to attempt to uncover what it is you were unsatisfied with and how to move forward. 

Who is this session for?

This session is for individuals who are looking to make lasting meaningful changes, but are not sure where to start (or know, but have trouble staying the course!). If you feel overwhelmed or unsure about how to create more clarity around your financial situation, and the steps needed to do so, then this is for YOU. 

Who is this session NOT for?

If you've got a clear vision for what you would like your financial situation to look like, what your challenges are and how exactly to overcome them, as well as how you're going to create more financial abundance with 100% certainty that you can and will implement the steps needed...then more power to you! Honestly, your money is probably best spent elsewhere.