Helping you overcome self-sabotage so you can make more money and find more happy.


Hi, I’m Katie, Mindset Coach.

Through both practical and woo woo approaches, I help you breakthrough what is keeping you stuck and how to move forward to the most successful abundant version of yourself yet.

Whether you need help uncovering why you do what you do, discovering what is holding you back from the life you truly desire, or creating better habits, I’ve got you covered.


Money Alignment Intensive

Need help with figuring out why you can't seem to obtain happiness by obtaining more money? Let me take the guesswork out of it!

We will define your values and priorities and then dive into your statements (don’t worry, I’ll hold your hand the entire way!) in order to determine if you’re in alignment.

From there, we will setup a budgeting and tracking system that will ACTUALLY work for you, and you’ll have my support to stay accountable the entire way. 


'Love Yourself Rich' 1:1 Program

Need help overcoming limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors that are preventing you from reaching new levels of fulfillment in your relationships, career, health and life? I can help you do just that.

This program is for the individual who is ready to uncover why she does what she does and wants to learn how to change so she can be rich in all areas of her life.

We will uncover the reasons behind your thoughts and behaviors, what’s holding you back from the life you truly desire, and rewrite your story for abundance and success.