Helping you reach your financial goals through alignment, organization, and accountability.


Hi, I’m Katie, your done-for you Money Coach.

Does any of this sound like you?

a) You’ve never setup a budget because the word itself is enough to make you want to throw up

b) You have setup a budget before (numerous times!) only to continue to neglect it and overspend

c) You just generally aren’t sure how to actually setup and stick to a financial plan that works

I help you understand your priorities and values and how they align with your spending, setup organizational systems for your money and then do all the heavy lifting keeping you accountable along the way.


Done-for-you Money Management

Just like people looking for direction and accountability for their fitness goals hire health coaches and personal trainers, people looking for direction and accountability with their finances hire me.

We will define your values and priorities and setup a financial plan that aligns with these, get your organizational system up and running, and then I’ll give you weekly progress reports to help hold you accountable and help you meet your goals.


Overcome Binge Spending 1:1 Program

Do you find yourself buying unnecessary things when you’re sad, stressed or bored? When you’ve had a bad day or feel that need to treat yourself, do you instinctively turn to shopping? No amount of budgeting or spending plans will work if you continue to put money on a pedestal and self-sabotage your efforts.

This program is for you if you are ready to uncover why you are using money the way you do and how to change so you can be finally feel truly abundant.

We will uncover the reasons behind these behaviors and rewrite your story for abundance and success.