I’m Katie, financial planner

turned financial coach.


You're here because you have a dysfunctional relationship with money. You love making it, but hate when you have to think about where it all went.

Budgeting and tracking spending sucks. You might as well be pulling your hair out, it hurts that much.

And you’re always thinking about how you should have more. "BAH! Where did all my money go?!"

Me? With an economics degree, education background and knack for all things personal finance, helping others with their money is what I was born to do.

Hi I'm Katie - financial planner turned financial coach.

With me, you can ditch the dysfunctional relationship with your finances for good. Imagine someone in your back pocket helping you make financial decisions so you can breathe easier and enjoy your hard earned money more.

I love it. But that wasn’t always the case.

I spent years in the financial services industry telling people how much life insurance to buy and what investments to purchase.

I learned quickly however that trying to help people navigate their long-term financial goals was hard when they weren’t even sure where their money was going each month or why they couldn’t keep themselves out of debt.

Thus, I started my own financial coaching practice. To meet people where they are at RIGHT THIS INSTANT. You don’t need $100k to work with me and I don’t take a set percentage of your hard earned cash.

What do I do? Help others pay down debt and save money faster than they thought possible.

Book a quick 15-minute call to learn more about my programs and what it could be like to work together towards your financial goals.