“I was blown away by the value and impact of working with Katie. She was incredibly open and non-judgemental in her approach, and really helped me to uncover some deeply held beliefs around money. By the end of the programme, I had stopped burying my head in the sand around my finances, and finally had a clear idea of my incomings and outgoings, and a plan for where to invest in my business. I would highly recommend working with Katie!”
— Lizz Summers

“If you want a new best friend who knows her stuff about money, Katie is the gal for you. She is super knowledgeable, easy to open up to, and sensitive to how vulnerable finances can be.”
— Danice Sommer

“I’m so happy that I reached out to Katie to talk about my money situation and mindset. She was easy to talk to, knew her stuff, and gave me some great tips on moving forward. If you’re not happy with your finances, reach out to her for some help.”
— Chantal D.