What if i told you that...

  • you could finally say goodbye to the money 'blahs'?
  • find ways to reach your financial goals without sacrificing your integrity?
  • have your money mission be aligned with your life's mission?
  • get rid of self-sabotaging money thoughts and behaviors that are no longer serving you or your higher self?
  • create freedom and confidence when dealing with your money?
  • overcome the procrastination and fear that comes with looking at the 'numbers'?
  • put together a plan that feels good, both for your bank account and your soul?

Imagine if you had:

  • identified your money woes, created a new mindset around money, been guided along your unique money path AND been held accountable to your goals 
  • a personalized plan to get your finances in order that feels as good for your bank account as it does for your soul 
  • more money so you could serve more/better and still stay true to your calling
  • unlimited email support during this process
  • gentle reminders of what you've committed to
  • an entirely judge-, shame-, guilt- and comparison-free environment to work within 

If you thought "yes, those things!", let's chat. Schedule a 20-minute Discovery call to see if what I do is a good fit for what you need.

I was blown away by the value and impact of working with Katie. She was incredibly open and non-judgemental in her approach, and really helped me to uncover some deeply held beliefs around money. By the end of the programme, I had stopped burying my head in the sand around my finances, and finally had a clear idea of my incomings and outgoings, and a plan for where to invest in my bussiness. I would highly recommend working with Katie!
— Lizz Summers - Voice and Accent Coach, www.lizzsummers.com

Program Investment:


(payment plans available)

Program Details:

  • Click on the 'Apply Now' button below to secure your spot and schedule a 20-minute FREE Clarity Call in which we'll discuss what brought you here, your expectations, questions you may have, and make sure we're a good fit. (If we figure out we aren't a good fit? No hard feelings on my end and I'll still send good vibes your way!)
  • Once we've decided it's a go, I'll send you a follow-up email with more information, including your coaching contract, payment options (in-full or broken into two payments), and the opportunity to book out your sessions. (Let's do this!)
  • Complete a 75-minute Breakthrough Call where we will discuss your challenges, obstacles, goals, and dreams, and map out a plan to help you get the most out of the next 12 weeks! (It's getting real!)
  • Over the course of the following 11 weeks, we'll meet for a 50 minute phone call to discuss the most pressing topic, what challenges you're facing, what breakthroughs you're having, and how I can best continue to serve, motivate, and guide you. (Here we goooo!)
  • In between calls, you'll have email access to Katie for questions, break-through, breakdowns, or anything else you may need. (Whew, thank goodness!)

If you want a new best friend who knows her stuff about money, Katie is the gal for you. She is super knowledgable, easy to open up to, and sensitive to how vulnerable finances can be.
— Danica S., www.mindfulbloom.com