Ready to reset your relationship with money?

I’ve got two options to work together:


Beyond Budgeting

✔ 1.5 hour intensive setting up a budget/tracking system and addressing any fears/concerns about your finances

✔ 3 15-minute follow-up calls each week for the first month to assess progress

✔ 2 30-min calls each month following for support

✔ Unlimited Voxer/Email support over the course of the 3 months  

Investment = $999

(payment plans available)


Mindful Money Intensive

✔ 4 month in-depth coaching program

✔ 12 weekly calls (3/month) for approx. 50 mins each

✔ Unlimited Voxer/Email support during these 4 months

✔ Diving deep into your relationship with money including money stories, rewriting money beliefs, uncovering money blocks and creating and maintaining an abundance mindset

Investment = $4997

(payment plans available)