Spend-less Challenge recap: Week 1

Made it through the first week of the Spend-less Challenge! If you were following along on Instagram, you know that I posted a picture for each day of the challenge last week (and if you want to follow, check out @simple_slice_of_life). Here on the blog, I'm going to recap how things went:

Monday - Brought my lunch to work (instead of picking up downtown!) and the hubby and I made supper at home. Only money I spent was on parking downtown. Totally money spent: $16. Total money saved: $10. Overall: Down $6.

Tuesday - Had our 20-week ultrasound (so cool!) and then worked from home rest of the day. Did go to a Trades of Hope party (click on the link to learn more!) and bought a pair of earrings for $40 (including S&H). The proceeds go towards helping women escape poverty, sex trafficking, abuse, etc. so I felt that was justified as the money goes towards a good cause. :) My hubby bought tacos from the local shop we love as it was Taco Tuesday. $10 for dinner. Decided to do our own cleaning instead of hire our cleaning lady. Money spent: $50. Money saved: $100. Overall: Up $50.

Wednesday - Met a client for a coffee meeting. Bought a tea for $3 (including tip). Went to puppy class and then came back and made lunch (instead of stopping at the grocery store to pick up ingredients, used up what I had to make curried sweet potato soup). Hubby and I made dinner. Money spent: $3. Money saved: $10. Overall: Up $7.

Thursday: Met a client at Panera. Did not buy a hot drink (like I usually would!). Went downtown for some work meetings. Parked in the cheaper outdoor ramp ($20 for the day). Had lunch with an old coworker ($21 after tip - I treated her) and then stopped at Caribou for a dark hot chocolate and small peanut butter cookie (this pregnant lady was craving sweets big time!): $5. Went to bowling league. Spent $11 to bowl, $3 to rent shoes, and $10 for dinner/soda (the sugar craving had continued). Big spending day, and not completely out of the normal for a typical day if I have an event going on at night and don't pack my own lunch/snacks. Total money spent: $60. Total money saved: $6. Overall: down $54.

Friday: Had an early morning meeting across town. Packed my smoothie for breakfast but was super hungry after (thanks baby!). Stopped at Starbucks to use their restroom and ordered a tea latte and small breakfast sandwich ($8 total). Worked from home rest of day before had to run across town again for an errand. Stopped to pick up dinner for hubby and I at one of our favorite places, Pizzeria Lola. ($50 after tip). Went home and cleaned. Husband went to Costco and liquor store for brunch hosting today. Although spent a lot of money ($40 on booze and $186 at Costco), saved by buying in bulk. I'm going to estimate that at $50 savings. Total money spent: $282. Total money saved: $50. Overall: down $232.

Saturday: Hosted our family and friends for brunch before ice golfing. After a day out on the ice and a morning full of cooking, we ordered take-out from the local Chinese good place. Spent $25 including tip. Didn't necessarily make any choices that reduced spending.

Total money saved for the week by making different choices: $176

Total money spent: $436

It was a high spending week, partly due to hosting brunch at our home. We usually only going to Costco every few months, so that $282 spent will feed us for awhile (and keep us stocked with toilet paper, Kleenex and paper towels!).

Lesson learned for the week:

It's easy to lose track of spending when you don't track it. I can't believe I spent $60 on Thursday all to myself! This challenge is really challenging me to re-think what I spend money on.

Goal for this upcoming week:

I have a few coffee meetings this week, so my goal is to not purchase a single coffee/tea out (I can bring my tea bags and access hot water at work or home!).

Reader Challenge: What ways can you spend less this upcoming week?