Becoming Worthy Course

for the woman looking to increase confidence and stop self-sabotaging her goals

Do any of these sound like you…

✓ you’re always chasing after the next big thing, never really feeling truly satisfied in life?

✓ you’re constantly comparing yourself to others?

✓ you struggle with saying no and trying to please others?

✓ you battle with constant negative “self-talk”?

✓ you have good intentions to meet your goals, but seem to always “screw up”?

✓ your habits include overspending or overeating on things you don’t even truly want/need

If you answered yes to any of these don’t worry, I’ve been there too.

In my early 20s I suffered from an eating disorder and debilitating anxiety, thanks to always trying to strive for perfectionism and the need to feel in control.

Doing the work I share in this course helped me to...

✓ reduce my anxiety and stay in the present moment

✓ no longer obsess over food/weight/exercise and my body image

✓ have confidence in my body no matter what the scale says

✓ stop critiquing my naked body in the mirror and finally love myself for who I am

✓ feel at ease with myself and stop trying to please others or live up to society’s standards

✓ intuitively eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full

✓ be mindful of my thoughts/behaviors and how they are preventing me from reaching my goals

If I could learn to truly love myself and overcome my own self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors, you can too.

Are you ready to increase your confidence and stop self-sabotaging so you can finally experience inner peace and find success? 

If so, then my Becoming Worthy Course is for you.

What’s included:

✔ 6 live weekly modules

✔ Weekly Q & A threads

✔ PDF worksheets for each week

✔ Private Facebook Group for support


Investment = $199

(includes lifetime access to course)


 ✓ Examining your inner dialogue

✓ Evaluating your past and how it has shaped your present

✓ Feeling worthy of your desires

✓ Defining your values and priorities and how to live by them

✓ Increasing your joy threshold

✓ Practicing positivity in everyday life


All of this for one easy payment of $199

(for lifetime access!)